Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yarn Along

I'm participating in another Yarn Along this week! I made a granny square baby blanket for a friend last week, but forgot to take a picture for a post. Anyway, now I'm working on a butterfly stitch scarf. I was trying to make a lighter scarf I could wear for spring, but since the yarn I'm using is bulky I'm not sure how springy it will be to wear. What do you think? I really just wanted to try a new stitch out and a scarf is the perfect project for that! 

I really want to make a vest next, but I can't find the right pattern. I'm thinking of making my own pattern, which could end disastrously. Anyway, here are a couple of patterns that I'm looking at:

This one is rated for "experienced" but the reviews say it is easy. I read through it and can't seem to figure out the beginning part??

This one is knit (which would take me forever to finish!!), but I like the pattern. It's just a rectangle with two holes for arms. If I did it in crochet I'm not sure what stitch to use? Any suggestions? I was wanting to do an "airy" kind of stitch so that I could wear it this spring. 

Anyway, I've also been reading a book called "We Took to the Woods" that was written in the 1940s and is nonfiction about a family who lives in the Maine wilderness and how they survive. It's really entertaining and I highly recommend it if your into the back to the land movement at all. 

Until next time!

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