Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gardening Journal - January

The winter has been mild so far with no snow to speak of, but I'm still hoping for a few hard freezes to kill off some of the bug population. 

We got an old tiller going (with a new motor!) and so we are expanding our garden. The last two years we've had two 4' X 12' raised beds. This year we will have a 24' X 28' plot. I'm a little nervous for the challenge of going from raised beds to the ground. Any tips? We will be amending our soil with manure, grass and agri lime.

I'm super excited to be expanding the garden because that means I can grow a bigger variety. I'm trying some new veggies, flowers and herbs this year.

I got my seed order from Baker Creek (I just love them!) and I will be starting some seeds indoors soon. Mike is also going to build me a seed starting rack so I don't have to use the kitchen table! Yay!

For those experienced seed starters, do you use a commercial seed starting mix? If so, what do you fertilize with?


  1. Hooray for larger gardens! I posted on twitter that this year, we are trying companion gardening. I will have a post up tomorrow morning on my blog with an awesome tool that I found that you can choose your vegetable and it will tell you what grows best with it along with some printables I found to start planning. You are supposed to be able to grow alot more in a smaller area as well as keep the bugs away and weeds controlled! I am so excited to try this way of gardening this year.

  2. Do you save your seeds? This is something I want to learn to do this year, and these seeds would be PERFECT to start saving seeing as they are all heirloom. I will have to look into purchasing from them next year. Thank you for the link!


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