Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden Notes

It's been three weeks since I planted my seedlings and they're still doing good. I'll probably be transplanting them outside towards the end of the month so I'll need to start hardening them off here in a couple of weeks.
 Here's my super star tomato plant:
 Also today my husband and I planted carrots, peas, corn, marigolds, and zinnias. We have two raised beds that are 4'X12'. I can't wait until they're filled with flowers and vegetables. It's so crazy that you can just put a seed in the ground and it grows into something so amazing.
 Lastly, here are Mike's corn. He keeps putting them out in the sun randomly to make them "stronger."
What's happening in your garden? Have you planted anything yet?

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  1. Awesome seedlings. I agree about planting seeds. I planted corn, right in the bag of soil and up they came in about 3-4 days! It was amazing to watch. I am gardening in bags of soil this spring, and in fall, I will have dirt in place for a raised garden. I love it, so easy for now. :)

  2. Hi Missy- love your blog! We are starting to plant as well. We've got the greens and the peas in the ground already and are waiting to plant the rest until mid-April. Your seedlings are looking good!

  3. I love your blog and your garden bed looks great! We have planted potatoes, peas, lettuces, and onions so far. I just love gardening, too. your seedlings are looking wonderful:).


  4. Lovely blog, it's my first visit here. We are still under snow outdoors, but it's melting. Nice starts. I have tomatoes, peppers and herbs started, to go into the greenhouse, hopefully the beginning of May.


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