Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Vision Statements

Well I've been married one month yesterday and I love being a wife! :) I feel so content when I am cleaning the house and packing Mike's lunch. I've loved decorating our home and planning out our meals. I was born for this! :) Anyways, I wrote out these vision statements when I was engaged and found them the other day. Here is my hearts desire as a believer, a wife, a homemaker, and a friend:

Believer - To live my life as holy and set apart glorifying God in all that I do.

Wife - To encourage Mike spiritually and in all that he does. To love and serve him in anyway that I can. To stand beside him and make his life easier.

Homemaker - To create a clean and comfortable place for loved ones to rest and fellowship. To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Friend -To be a welcoming and accepting member of society. To love and serve others in whatever capacity they need.
Image from here.
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