Monday, April 26, 2010

Watch Food, Inc. for FREE!

Food, Inc. is a documentary about our food system.
It made me cry. Watch it here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Choosing Home

Being a wife and homemaker is something that the Lord has heavily laid on my heart in the last few years. In fact, halfway through college I realized that there was no degree I actually wanted to pursue and obtain a career in because I felt God was calling me to be at home. I went on to finish college with a degree in General Human Environmental Science which is basically Home Economics. I studied Nutrition, Child Development, Family, Finance, Interior Design, and Apparel Studies. I'm glad I finished college and obtained a Bachelors Degree. The experience was a good one and I learned a lot through it, however had I felt the call in my heart to be a homemaker and helpmeet to my future family sooner I probably would have opted out of the well worn path of obtaining a four year degree.

Through much prayer and discussion we have decided to live on one income and have me stay at home. I am so thrilled with this! Its like a dream come true. After many years of working a crazy schedule and dreaming of being a homemaker it is actually becoming a reality! I can't even tell you how content and at peace I am in this season of my life. God is perfectly working out his plan. I know it will be hard and require sacrifices, but to us prioritizing our lives around family and the home will be well worth it. I will be watching my friends baby in August once she goes back to work so I will be able to earn a little income while still being available to take care of Mike and our house full time. This path is definitely not normal by society's standards and I know I will be looked down upon by some, but I feel it is what God is calling me to do. It is my prayer that I wouldn't take this blessing for granted.
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