Saturday, May 16, 2009


I hiked at a state park today on a trail that follows the river. It was incredibly peaceful and calming and I actually took pictures! Here are some of them:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Design for Christian Marriage

I recently finished the book "Design for Christian Marriage" by Dwight Hervey Small. I picked this book up at a thrift store and I'm glad I did. It was written in the sixties, but provides some wonderful insights on the topic. I thought I would share some quotes that I am currently pondering. Enjoy!

"It is humbling to the woman to know that she was created for the man, but it is to her glory to know that she alone can complete him. Likewise, it is humbling to the man to know that he is incomplete without the woman, but it is to his glory to know that the woman was created for him!"

"Without question, the highest degree of mutuality is established whenever the one regards the other as created in God's image, infinitely precious in His sight, the object of redeeming grace and love. It is upon this foundation of mutual love, respect, and concern that personal intimacy can be forged within Christian marriage."

"Two distinctive personalities attempting to fuse in marriage scarcely realize that marriage is the bare beginning of a process of growth toward the ideal of oneness that only the years will be able to complete."

"The wife is subject to one who is to seek so to give himself in love for her as to raise her into the fullness of every blessing which he himself enjoys, and which it is possible for her to experience too. He gives himself up to the obedient search for God's will, in order that he might fulfill God's best in her life. He rules her for Christ, and he rules in the love that Christ supplies."

"The husband is to take the initiative in love; he is made responsible for married love. He is the lover. The command is: "Husbands, love your wives.""

"True love is calm and steady, and intensifies slowly but surely with the simple passing of time, and as interests and experiences are shared together."
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